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To expose students to the performing and recording arts while planting seeds of creativity in a safe, respectful and encouraging environment, by providing regular and consistent structured lessons, while catering to the learning needs of each individual.

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Best Musical Instruction

Best Musical Instruction

Best Musical Instruction

Best Musical Instruction

Best Customer Service

Best Musical Instruction

Best Instrument Shop

Best Musical Instructor

Best Musical Instruction

Best Musical Instructor

Best Musical Instructor

We offer high-end music lessons for a variety of instruments such as guitar, voice, piano, theory and percussion.  We also offer songwriting lessons and recording sessions.


We believe that students come first and that most of all, there should be chemistry between the student and their instructor, which is key to a great learning experience.  Obviously, we would love for everyone who walks in the door to become students, but without chemistry, it does not benefit anyone in the long run.


Does that mean we are sending you to our competition?  If we worry about competition, then it means we are more concerned with ourselves than we are with the student and that’s not right.  There are so many potential students and so many different music institutions, there has to be a fit for everyone out there!  That’s the goal!


Your child’s security matters a great deal to us.  Students spend a huge amount of time with their instructor and it is good to know that they will be in a safe learning environment.  All our instructors get a criminal record check done before they can start giving lessons at Musik 7 Studios.

The Room Recording Studio is owned and operated by Patrick Couture.  It is affiliated with Musik 7 Studios and both are divisions of the Empire Group.  The Room offers services such as demo recording, editing, mixing, mastering, dubbing and we can compose scores for short and feature films.

We offer our lessons in

English and French!

Vous pouvez apprendre en

anglais ou en français!

About Us

Best Musical Instructor

Best Musical Instructor

Best Musical Instructor

Best Musical Instructor

Best Musical Instructor

Best Musical Instructor

Patrick Couture

Owner/Music Instructor

About Patrick...

Patrick has been involved in the world of music for well over three decades. He is a composer/songwriter with over 200 compositions and counting. He is a great advocate of the creative process. He has composed the score for two foreign films and is working on a third. He has also engineered and over the years produced many band projects in the studio.

Since 1994, Patrick has also been directing choirs and is always on the lookout for new members.

He has played in bands for many years. Up to recently he was in the Centre Road Band and is now focusing on his own project, "Centuries", as well as solo projects for other artists.

Patrick plays a variety of instruments among which you will find voice, guitar, bass, piano, and percussion.








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Our Projects


The Carr Family

“Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary." – WARREN G. BENNIS


I believe this quote summarizes what it is you provide for your students as a teacher. My son prior to coming to your studio had already had two solid years of bass guitar lessons. After his first half hour with you, he told me he learned so much. After his second lesson at your studio he remarked, “mom, I learned so much again today”.  After his third lesson he shared “mom I have learned more in the past three lessons than I learned in the past two years with my other teacher!” As his parents we see the difference too.  Our son has always looked forward to his music lessons but now the difference is not only does he look forward to his lessons but he always comes away pleased with the new skills or piece of knowledge he has gained to help him grow as musician. His growth has been remarkable. His confidence has been renewed.


Exemplary teachers are few and far between, Patrick you are one of them. You are gifted in your ability to assess your learners, guide them along the path of excellence in music, challenge them to do their best, tap into their interests and all the while making it fun. You are adept at differentiating your instruction to ensure that your students are successful. You provide your students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed.  Whether it’s an hour or half hour lesson the time goes by very quickly.  Each minutes is a teachable moment and it is chalked with fun- filled student focused hands-on learning 


Thank you for the care, knowledge, skills and dedication you bring to teaching music.

—  Doug and Katie Carr, Waterdown Ontario

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